Best Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Designing your child’s bedroom requires more than just painting random shapes and colors. There are several considerations that you need to make. Note that the bedroom you design has to contribute to the child’s growth both mentally, physically, and emotionally. Kids’ bedrooms are a safe space where they should feel safe, comfortable, and loved. Before picking a design, ensure the system facilitates learning, playing, and resting.

Critical Components for your kids’ bedroom

Planning the design is the most critical step in the process. Many parents get overwhelmed because they do not take the time to understand the fundamental nature of this project. Do not just randomly pick paints or wallpaper without doing the proper research. There are various components that need considering when designing your kids’ bedroom.

Creative Corner

Children’s brains operate very differently from that of an adult. Kids are generally curious. Before age four, they absorb every piece of information. At this age, kids primarily learn from imitation. They try to cook, play with toy cars, and generally do what they see people around them doing.

A creative corner will allow your child to express themselves without restriction. They have a little mess in the corner of the room where they practice their creativity. The purpose of this corner is to help your child develop an imagination. You can throw in a chalkboard to prevent the child from scribbling all over the bedroom walls.

Kids love chaos. They need an outlet for all the energy they have bubbling inside of them. A creative corner is the best place to channel this energy.

An Interesting Theme

Kids are generally very observant and have an acute memory. It is critical to see what the child likes and convert it into a theme. It may be a baby shark or Coco Melon. If your child loves a specific cartoon character, find a way to convert it into a kids’ theme. Your child should take an active role in deciding the paintwork they want in their room. Remember that you are designing a bedroom where your child should feel safe and comfortable. A familiar character will create a fun and playful environment.

Note that there is a difference between a theme and a poster. Sticking a Mickey Mouse photo on the wall is not the answer. Find an interior designer who can professionally integrate the chosen theme into the bedroom walls. You can also go further and get kid’s bedroom furniture that matches the theme. If your kid likes cars, you can get a bed designed as a race car.

Minimal Technological Gadgets

We are in a technological age, and kids as young as three years old are using smartphones and tablets. While there is no harm in this, it can be detrimental to their mental health. Kids exposed to technology too early take part in very little physical activity. This means they skip the stage of exercising their minds and body at an early age. To prevent them from vegetating on a screen, limit the devices in the room.

Also, ensure that you only purchase educational devices. Focus on toys that trigger brain exercises like building games, kids’ board games, or jigsaw puzzles.

Sufficient storage

Kids are inherently messy. They love playing in heaps and piles without a care in the world. This mess is their little creative space. As they grow older, however, they will need somewhere to store all their toys without losing an inch of usable space. Cleanliness is a big part of cognitive growth. Once they understand where everything goes, they will gradually learn to put their toys away after play.

Ensure you have designated areas for toys, clothes, and other equipment in the room. You can invest in retractable drawers to safely tuck away toys after they stop playing. As kids grow older, their toys get larger. Extra storage space ensures your child’s bedroom remains clean and well organized.

Factors to Consider

A lot of planning goes into designing a kids’ bedroom. What worked for someone else will not necessarily work for you. Understand that each child has different needs. Try and find out what your child is into and what they would be comfortable doing. Take account of the following.


While it may be an exciting prospect to design your kids’ bedroom, it is critical to ensure you work within your budget. Get solutions that are cost-efficient but give you value for money. You may also opt for temporary fixtures instead of permanent furniture. This bedroom will require constant remodeling as the child ages. Ensure you do not break out the bank on a design that will need changing in the future.


Your child’s age is another critical consideration. Children tend to get bored quickly. Ensure you invest in a bedroom design that will outlast this boredom. Focus on themes rather than specific cartoon characters. Consult interior design specialists on the most popular color combinations. Different age brackets have different needs, so ensure you find a theme that suits your kid’s needs.

The Best Kids Bedroom Design Tips

While the above tips sum up the design tips for a kids’ bedroom, there are other factors that need highlighting when establishing the best bedroom ideas for kids.

Create a Safe Space/Hideaway

Kids scare very easily. They need a place where they can go when they are scared, angry, or sad. Consider it a fort where your child feels safe and protected. Furnish this spot with gentle lighting and some soft furniture.

This spot will withstand the test of time. As your child gets older, you can change the furniture appropriately to ensure your child always has a place to retreat. Frustrations become more complex as your child ages. It is critical to ensure they always have a place to go.

Play Area

Fun is a critical part of childhood development. The challenge is preventing your child from trashing the whole house. Designate an area in the bedroom where your child can compile and play with all their tools. You can partition the room if the room has a small surface area. The primary purpose is to find a place where they can play without restrictions. Furnish this area with educational and cognitive enhancing games such as jig saw puzzles.

You can also put retractable drawers when playtime is over. Teaching your kids to put away their toys early will make them organized and emphasize a sense of responsibility.

Prioritize your Child’s Interests

You are excited about the new look in your child’s bedroom. It is understandable. The critical bit is not to design the room without your child’s input. Try to find out what they like and what makes them comfortable. It may be a cartoon character or a famous figure. All these considerations are critical when finding the right balance between fun and cognitive development.


The key here is to try to establish as much natural lighting as possible. Window installations are a critical part of this process. Install panels that let in sufficient sunlight and clean air. Research the best new window suppliers and also liaise with interior design specialists. The lighting in the room should also be gentle and comfortable. Lighting is a crucial part of the design phase. You can also opt for shutters to regulate the amount of natural light entering the room.

A digital clockandlt;/h3andgt;

Kids are intelligent. They learn various talents at a very early age. Try to teach them how to tell time at an early age. A digital clock is easier to understand and emphasizes the value of time. It is also a way to educate them about numbers. A timepiece creates a system and denotes the importance of a schedule. A child will learn when it is time to play, sleep and do homework. It is a gradual process that will pay off in the long term.

Flooring Options

Many parents often overlook flooring when designing kids’ bedrooms. Note that kids are active and very playful. Children also have a tendency to fall several times. To prevent injury, go for flooring that will facilitate a soft landing. Floor options such as rubber and end-to-end carpets are viable options.

Consider also that kids are notoriously clumsy. They spill just about anything they get their hands on. The floors need to be easy to maintain and highly durable. Floor replacement is an expensive and time-intensive process. Get a material that is scratch-proof and stain resistant. Carpet cleaning can be a nightmare in a kids’ room. You should find a material that will not leave a permanent smudge.


Kids’ furniture needs to be safe and durable. Their clumsy and enthusiastic nature means that what you buy will get damaged quickly. Invest in furniture with soft edges and scratch-proof surfaces. The room also needs several storage spaces to free up usable space. You do not want your child constantly tripping over misplaced furniture and toys.

It is also advisable to purchase kids bedroom furniture that is replaceable. Kids tend to outgrow house fittings quickly. Ensure you get design options that you can easily replace. You can hire quality local movers to help with the heavy lifting and to help set the furniture where you want.

Air Conditioning

The primary aim of redesigning your child’s bedroom is to make them as comfortable as possible. Air conditioning is one way to achieve this. There are a lot of influencing factors when installing an air-con system. The most critical component is to provide adequate climate control for children under two. Infants have specific needs, and air conditioning will ensure they get optimum levels.

Infants are also sensitive to extreme temperatures. This system will provide a balance between moisture and temperature levels. Air conditioner installation may be expensive, but it is the best way to control the environment. Infants have adaptability issues with body temperature. This limitation means they will need a lot of extra care. Research the best and most reliable AC units from local suppliers and then hire a professional to perform the air conditioner installation. There are cheap options that offer value for money.

Invest in High-Performance Fabrics

Regardless of how cute and cuddly children are, they can be monsters. Stains, scratches, and tears are inevitable in the parenting process. When purchasing furniture, carpets, or wallpaper, ensure you invest in high-performance fabrics. These fabrics may be expensive, but they will give you quality service for longer.

High-performance fabrics are easy to clean, durable, and difficult to damage. These fabrics give you soft edged furniture and cushion the impact when your kids run into them. They also protect house fittings from spills, water damage, and discoloration. Using these components minimizes the risk of injury and makes playtime safer for your young ones.

Color Schemes and Patterns

Kids get easily bored and distracted. It is critical to go for wall patterns that are bold and dramatic. Go for color combinations that make a statement and trigger creativity. The primary focus of bold patterning is to facilitate visual interest. Kids’ brains have a tendency to wander. So you must ensure that they have something interesting to look at when they gaze around the room.

Take care not to clutter the room with too many colors. Pick a maximum of three cool colors to create a masterpiece. Color schemes may require an expert touch. There may be a need for a professional painter or a quality interior designer to make it work.

Avoid Trends

A lot of effort and patience goes into designing a kid’s space. Try to blend fun and still make it a place where your child can learn. Establish a workplace where they can do their homework and have a play area. Integrating all these concepts is exhausting and time-consuming.

Kids have different needs. A trendy design may seem like a good idea, but there is no guarantee it will suit your kid. Stay clear of market trends and come up with a blueprint that is unique and appropriate. Most popular trends involve heavily themed rooms that lack usable space. Find a solution that maximizes floor space and has a simple but elegant design.

Focus on creating a timeless design that will withstand the test of time. Develop a blueprint that your child will love regardless of how old they get.

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