Four Ways to Tell Amish Furniture Is Authentic

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UPDATED 11/10/20

Are you in love with Amish furniture for your home? Do you adore the high quality affordable solid wood furniture that the Amish create? If you haven’t experienced Amish furniture yet, you’re in for a big uprise. The Amish craft each piece of furniture by hand, making each one unique. And they make almost anything you can find in furniture stores near you. It’s best to shop for Amish made affordable modern office furniture from a store you trust. Oftentimes, you need to hunt down a store that sells this type of furniture as its not mass produced. Try stores that advertise as an all in one furniture store or a call a few stores with all kinds of furniture and map out the ones that carry Amish made works of art. When you do find a store, ask lots of questions about where the furniture came from, who made it, what it was made from, and how it was made. If the owner can’t answer these questions, move on. While most furniture stores wouldn’t dream of carrying fake Amish furniture, sometimes a piece slips through.

There are a lot of cheap, knock-offs out there for sale, or also known as fake items. One thing that you really should know is real is the furniture you have in your home, especially if it is Amish furniture. Your furniture can say a lot about who you are as a person. However, there are some people who sell Amish furniture and other Amish made things such as Amish built barns, Amish built dog houses, and many other Amish buildings that are literally hand-crafted by the Amish community themselves. These people work tirelessly day in and day out to create such beautifully built furniture, so making sure your Amish furniture is authentic is something you should do. Here are four ways to tell your Amish furniture is real.

Amish Furniture Is Made On A Small Scale

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Amish built furniture, including Amish horse barns, Amish rabbit hutches, and many more Amish furniture is made in small amounts. This means that it is not mass produced for the public. This also means that you can usually find this type of furniture in specialty stores or online where they tell you where the furniture was made. If you buy your Amish furniture anywhere else, it is probably a fake piece of furniture. Also, because they take so long to make their furniture since the Amish take pride in their work and handle everything they make with care, expect to wait at least 12 to 16 weeks for your furniture to be done, especially when ordering online.

Make Sure You Know What Exactly It Is Made From

If you are considering purchasing Amish furniture including things like Amish sheds, custom Amish built garages, and any other Amish built furniture, you should be aware of what things it is made from. You should know the type of wood it is made from and that it is made from solid wood, finished as in sanding and varnishing, by hand, it contains no laminates, veneers, or particle board, the wood should be quarter sawn or plain sawn, and the draws have dovetail corners. After making sure your furniture is made of these things, you will realize it is authentic Amish built furniture.

Ask Many Questions About It

Ask as many questions as you can about the furniture you are buying to make sure it is real. Like with anything else, such as Amish pool house designs, Amish pool houses, quality sheds, and more, you want to know what you are buying before you buy it. You should ask what the furniture is made from, if you can know who made it, and anything else you can think of when buying this type of furniture. Think of Amish pool houses or pool house designs they make too and ask any question you can think of to ensure the authenticity of it.

Make Sure It Is Quality Made

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You also want to make sure the Amish furniture you are buying is made from high quality. The Amish take a lot of pride in the things they make. Even if they are just creating pool house designs, they still take a lot of pride in what they do. The Amish love working with their hands. It is a dishonor to them to even have fake Amish furniture out there. The reason for their pride is because, even when they are only creating pool house designs for a pool house they are building for someone, they handcraft everything they make 100 %.

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