Luxury Condo Living In Downtown Chicago

One museum park east

Offering the rewards of home ownership, but with less maintenance and cost, condominiums are an excellent option for either a first home or a city residence. In fact, in many popular cities, condos for sale are more plentiful than single-family homes, if only because of space restrictions. Chicago, for example, is enjoying a thriving real estate market currently, and downtown real estate and luxury condos are going quickly. Chicago leads the nation in new construction spending, according to a report by Dodge Data and Analytics, and continues to increase, while comparable markets show signs of slowing down. Chicago is home to the headquarters of many companies, generating billions of dollars in business. As thousands of jobs move into the area, Chicago luxury condos are a hot commodity.

Projected new construction in Chicago for the next two years will make several thousand new condominiums and luxury real estate becoming available. With easy commutes to both coasts, and an international airport nearby, it?s convenient and practical for career and business success. But besides that, there are wonderful reasons to scoop up some luxury real estate in Chicago.

Natural Areas and Green Spaces
?With 15 swimming beaches along the 26 miles of shoreline within the city limits, and almost 20 miles of lakefront bicycle paths, one can almost forget they live in a city.
?Chicago parks offer more than 50 dedicated nature areas, many gardens, golf courses, green spaces, and plenty of walking and biking trails.
Food and Shopping
?Besides the more than 7,300 restaurants in Chicago, there are dozens of food markets, specialty shops, and international grocery stores.
?The Magnificent Mile Shopping Center is home to high-end retail shops, dining experiences, and more, and is just one of many shopping centers in Chicago.

Arts and Leisure
?Every year, over 3 million people visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, the country?s oldest public zoo, and one of only three major free zoos in the country.
?Amazing, cutting-edge architecture. Condos for sale with views of gorgeous buildings are especially lucky, bringing a sense of urban beauty to one?s everyday life.
?The Art Institute, which holds works by Seurat and Picasso, is one of the oldest and largest art museums in the U.S., hosting over 1 million guests annually.
?Some of America?s best-loved sports teams make their home in Chicago, and play within the city.

Condos for sale in downtown Chicago aren?t always easy to find, it?s true. So where does one look? Two great locations for luxury real estate are The Fordham Chicago and The Montgomery Chicago.

The Fordham, at 52 stories, is one of the tallest residential buildings in Chicago. Located near the Magnificent Mile, it boasts elegant design, great views, and many amenities such as easy parking, private elevators, and gas fireplaces.

The Montgomery, at half the height, is a more modern style. Built in the 1970s to serve as the Montgomery Ward headquarters, it was adapted to condominiums in 2004. With some of the nicest condos for sale in Chicago, the Montgomery has private dog runs, heated garages, and a popular restaurant and club.

Keep in mind that Chicago is a huge market, and condos for sale are found all over the city. Right now, luxury real estate on the Mag Mile is a hot topic, but there are beautiful locations to be found throughout the area. Whether you prefer a vintage, classic older building or modern new construction, Chicago has something for you.

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